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Bert New Toy 1

That’s Bert. He is playing with his favorite new toy. Not what you’re thinking! It’s a piece of twisted wire he retrieved from the garbage yesterday.

Bert New Toy 2



Discover Me

Wabbitat ICON 2016-smallWe moved here just a year and a half ago. I thought it was Queens, an outer borough of New York City. I think it is really Hollywood.

A few months ago, the TV series Blue Bloods did a shoot on our street. Right in front of our building! (See Through My Window for details.) Today we came upon this:


That’s right – an episode of The Good Fight is being shot right here, right now! This is just 2 short blocks from our home.


Dressing Rooms

I wonder if they were hoping for a gloomy, rainy, foggy day in New York, because that is what they got! (Unseasonably mild temperatures though.)


 *Waving*   Here I am, Hollywood!

Roll Over George Carlin

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The Washington Post reports that the Trump administration is prohibiting officials at the nation’s top public health agency from using a list of seven words or phrases in official documents being prepared for next year’s budget.

The forbidden words are:

  • vulnerable
  • entitlement
  • diversity
  • transgender
  • fetus
  • evidence-based
  • science-based

These are not the first words to be banned. As George Carlin had famously demonstrated, the entertainment industry has long maintained its list of 7 forbidden words.

I suspect there are more forbidden words to come.

The next group of 7 banned words may include:

  • abuse
  • harrassment
  • pollution
  • collusion
  • Puerto Rico
  • moron
  • dotard


Migration? Time Travel?

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On our walk today –



Up! Up in the sky. It’s a bird – LOTS of birds…in just one leafless tree.



A closer look

And on the next block

TV Antenna 2

Only the daughter of the TV Man would notice that rooftop TV antenna.





Wabbitat ICON 2016-smallNothing sticks to my kitchen tile backsplash. I was certain suction cups would work. After all, suction cups have been holding my sponges in the kitchen sink and my shampoo bottles in the shower for well over a year without any problems. I even remove the suction cups to clean the area beneath them and reseat them periodically. Easy peasy! But suction cups would not stay on my tile backsplash for more than a few hours, if that long. I suspect the texture of the ceramic tile is the culprit.

3M Command hooks held no better. I tried the preferred size and even tried a larger size thinking size matters. It doesn’t.

I really didn’t want to drill holes into my kitchen tiles.


I purchased some gray Sugru to match the backsplash and some small clear Command hooks for affixing to the tile, using the Sugru instead of the provided self-stick double-sided tape. Sugru works like a charm.

I now have some crocheted potholders in easy reach. The potholders have the added bonus of absorbing some of the echo in a kitchen with too much tile – floor and backsplashes. Too much tile = too much echo!

I have used Sugru in the past multiple times for a variety of purposes, always with great success. Why didn’t I think of it sooner!

Potholders 3


Not These Ones

Wabbitat ICON 2016-smallSo we did our weekly grocery shopping this afternoon. Wednesdays is our day because we benefit from the “senior discount” every Wednesday – a whopping 5%.

In the land of New York bagels, we buy the bagged grocery store bagels; they’re cheaper and we’re happy with them. The package is tagged with a $1.99 price sticker.

The truth is, price tags and signs really mean nothing. Everything rings up at mystery prices. But the bagels annoy me. A huge orange sticker boasts its price of $1.99 but it always rings up at $2.50. If I am not paying attention, we pay $2.50.

ReceiptToday Sir Braver was paying attention. Just before “dipping” our credit card, Sir Braver asked the cashier to check the price at which the bagels rang up. It turned out the bagels was one of the first items rung up and she couldn’t scroll up that far. Really! Then a bell rang in her head, her eyes darted this way and that, and she noticed the cash register tape that was flopping out of the printer. There she looked and yes, she agreed the bagels had rung up at $2.50.

So she called over an assistant manager to help her fix the price. In Spanish they discussed how to fix this big problem. Void and re-ring the item? Nah! The verdict: refund 51 cents. Great.

But the cashier realized that she had already applied the senior discount. What to do! They discussed in Spanish, back and forth, and on and on. Finally the assistant manager said (in Spanish) “just forget it.”

Two and a half cents. Okay, let’s be big and round up…3 cents! That is the overpayment of the senior discount hat was applied to our total due to the 51 cents that was ultimately refunded. Lots and lots of other customers have been overpaying an extra 51 cents with every purchase – for months now, but these two employees were concerned about crediting 2 or 3 cents too much because of an appropriate refund – and, of course, they didn’t know how to adjust that.

Yes, New Yorkers are smart, maybe not these ones.

Attempting Tempeh

Wabbitat ICON 2016-smallIt has now been five whole months since we last ate any meat. That is quite the success story. In that time, I have created a variety of meatless dinners that we actually enjoy. Fettuccine Alfredo with artichoke hearts and spinach is my current favorite. I keep the recipes of the successes on this blog – see above under the Recipes tab.

After considerable research, today we tried tempeh – a patty-like food made primarily from “fermented” soybeans – for the very first time.

I thinly sliced the brick of organic tempeh I bought at the supermarket today and next boiled the slices in water for 10 minutes to “remove bitterness,” I then browned each slice on both sides (about 5 minutes per side). Then I added about 1/4 cup of water (maybe less) to the pan, a little soy sauce, some maple syrup and some freshly minced garlic. I continued cooking and browning for another couple of minutes.

I piled up the marinated tempeh slices onto a platter and offered the fixin’s to the cat first. He sniffed briefly and backed away – far away! That didn’t seem to be a good sign, but then he is a cat, not a dog. However, I suspect a dog would have backed away too. Then I offered the newly prepared tempeh to Sir Braver who wanted to back away, but didn’t dare. He took the tiniest nibble. “Not that bad,” he said with surprise and actually went for another piece. So I got bold and daring and placed the tiniest morsel in my mouth. “Not that bad,” I repeated. Actually, it is quite good! I think we’ll have the marinated tempeh over a bed of brown rice with perhaps a side of brussels sprouts for dinner. I am looking forward to it.

I am a vegetarian!