The Room

Wabbitat ICON 2016-small Written, directed, produced, and starring Tommy Wiseau (who?) – does it smell yet? I don’t know how I came upon this movie, but somehow it ended up in my Netflix queue during my one-month free trial. The DVD arrived in the mail and I sat back to relax and enjoy.

Worst movie ever! So bad it does not even qualify as a cult movie. The acting is abysmal, the dialogue is worse. There were too many sex scenes (some repeat footage, and not for the sake of the storyline) that are way too long and I wished they never even started. The main character is supposed to be sexy, charismatic, loving, and adorable; he is none of these.

Save yourself an hour and 39 minutes (it feels a lot longer) and skip this film. If you must, get more than you will need here:


Love Overflowing

Wabbitat ICON 2016-smallI sent my two beautiful granddaughters a little email this morning wishing them a happy Valentine’s Day. Keeping their ages in mind, I wanted the email to look somewhat special. 


The almost 9-year-old responded quickly:


I returned a brief explanation to her including a little discussion about fonts. Minutes later, I received this:


And then came this from the 6-year-old:


My heart is full!

Image result for heartImage result for heartImage result for heart

News Junkie

Wabbitat ICON 2016-small Bert is a news junkie. When news programs air and the TV is on, Bert is there. I mean he is right there – up front, close, and personal! He gets so close that no one else can see what only he can see. He blocks everyone’s view.


Some of Bert’s favorite shows:

  • Face the Nation
  • 60 Minutes

He is not a fan of cat videos.

Move over, Bert! Let someone else see what is on the screen.


Wait! Maybe Bert can’t see! Maybe Bert needs glasses!


Bert heard about all the tweeting going on. “Right up my alley,” he purred. So, yeah, Bert is on Twitter now. You can follow Bert, if you are so inclined:

BertInTheKnow – on Twitter



Wabbitat ICON 2016-smallToday I went to Minnesota. It was the very best hour of my day! I joined my two beautiful granddaughters for a visit we will never forget.

Together we made pom poms. We used no fancy gizmos, no expensive tools. With just some scraps of yarn and a pair of scissors, each granddaughter made a gorgeous new pom pom. And Mom said it didn’t even make a mess, although I warned that it would.

We laughed and chatted as we wound yarn around our fingers – 70 times! We counted each time the yarn made another circle around our fingers. After carefully removing the yarn from our fingers, we cut through loops and loops and more loops until only shaggy strands of yarn were before us. Then the trimming began!

E made a pom pom to match the knitted hat she had just completed the day before. Her first knitting project, her first pom pom. She is eight years old. Amazing!

Sister who is 6 delighted in creating her very first pom pom. Her favorite part? Cutting. She definitely reveled in all the scissoring.

A wonderful visit! A fabulous experience. All with a little help from Skype to bridge the 1200 miles that otherwise would have kept us apart, and special thanks to Sir Braver who shared in the excitement and captured it all on camera.









Chasing Snowflakes

Wabbitat ICON 2016-small Cats are known to sleep 23 out of every 24 hours. Today was the exception.

Bert is completely mesmerized by today’s falling snow. He has spent hours on a windowsill trying to catch even one elusive snowflake. He does not tire. He does not become disillusioned. He is intent, hopeful, and persistent.


Last week, Bert was chasing rainbows. This week it is snowflakes. What a life!

My Nose is Running

Wabbitat ICON 2016-smallThe son, his wife, and their three beautiful sons descended upon New York for a much awaited visit. The baby, now four months old, brought smiles, coos, gurgles, and even some belly laughs. The 3-1/2 year old brought a few sniffles, his irresistible charm, and his very own iPad. The oldest, now 6-1/2, brought wisdom (he knows everything – don’t even ask), huge dimples, lots of hugs, charm that cannot be beat, and, of course, his very own IPad. Did I mention the cough?


By day 2, we were at Rite Aid on the next block. We loaded up on tissues and cold meds. Guess who got carded for the purchase of baby Mucinex! The cashier studied my ID. I don’t think she ever saw such dates – way back last century. She looked confused. I am not sure what she was looking for but eventually she took my money and we were on our way.

We managed to take a walk or two around the neighborhood, a stop at the playground welcomed by the young-uns, a walking tour of the multi-million dollar private homes nearby, and even witnessed the exciting whir of the Long Island Railroad. Hey! We even walked under the trestle!



C-P Coloring.JPG


Tissue Tanner 2.JPG

We played games, enjoyed peanut butter and chocolate sandwiches when all else failed, watched TV, and all in all had a great time, even though every single one of us felt like crap! (That North Carolina Virus is merciless!)


The Napkin Then and Now

Wabbitat ICON 2016-smallWhen I was a young teenager, I went with a group of family members to see my Grandmother off on her special trip. She was going by luxury ocean liner across the Atlantic and then on to Russia to visit family she had not seen for many years.

We boarded the huge ship, the name of which I do not recall at this writing. What I do remember was approaching my grandmother’s cabin when my cousin whispered to me that she had a sudden and unexpected visit from her friend. No, she did not use those words, but gentle readers, you know what I mean.  So cousin and I quietly wandered away from the old folks in search of a bathroom with much needed supplies.

There were lots of bathrooms on that vessel. It was hard to believe, as we navigated our way from one to another and another and another, that not one had dispensers of any kind – no toiletries, no feminine hygiene products, nothing. Fearing we would be on our way to Russia soon if we did not return to the bon voyage party, unsuccessful and uncomfortable we made our way back to grandma’s  stateroom. Somebody sternly asked where we had been. Cousin remained silent as I nervously muttered that we were in search of a napkin.

“A napkin?” my grandmother repeated in amazement. “Why didn’t you tell me. I have lots of napkins right here,” and she pointed to a stack of paper dining napkins. “Not that kind,” I said with red-faced embarrassment.

Ever since, when I think of napkins I think of that time and that place where napkins of all kinds were the center of my universe. And here in New York City so many years later, when we stop at a fast food restaurant and sometimes even finer dining, I am reminded often of what a napkin could be…


Photo – left to right:

  • 1. Standard store brand paper napkin
  • 2. Subway fast food paper napkin
  • 3. Typical fast food and even finer dining paper napkins given in NYC – a/k/a tokenism, as in not good for much of anything.

Utensils and ruler for demonstration purposes only.