Chasing Rainbows

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Wabbitat ICON 2016-small I downloaded the free Honey app to my computer a few weeks ago. I forgot all about it. Today Honey watched me shop, popped up with a discount when I was at the checkout, and applied a discount that Honey found for me.

Honey is a shopping assistant. It works with your browser. When  shopping on the Internet, Honey finds discounts for your selected purchase(s) and applies the discount to your shopping cart for you.

So easy! Honey is a money-saver and a time-saver. It works in the background, so even when you forget that Honey is there, Honey does not forget!


Download Honey and start saving.



How Rewarding

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Like most of you, gentle readers, early this morning I checked my email. There was an interesting new email sitting in my inbox asking to be opened. It was from Wakanow and the visible subject line said:




I pondered that briefly. Reward? I love rewards, but I never heard of Wakanow. I considered that it could be a small company that I purchased from recently through Amazon. Amazon has been helping small businesses flood my inbox with all kinds of nonsense lately, not to my liking, however. Logic be damned, I opened the enticing email.


Now, I know I received no reward from Wakanow and certainly redeemed nothing. Still curious, however, but definitely skeptical, I chose not to follow any links. Instead I headed over to Google: is Nigeria’s…

‘Nuff said.


Wabbitat ICON 2016-smallI need a play book. I do not understand anything. We moved back to New York City after a 40 -year absence. Nothing has changed yet everything is different.

Actually, I have never lived in an apartment building before, not in New York City that is. In Portland (Oregon), we owned a condo in a 5-story building. There we had a maintenance guy who did not live in the building and who would not step foot into an apartment come hell or high water. His job was simply to maintain the common areas. Ask him a question and he stared  blankly and said “I don’t know.”

So now we live in a 6-story building in the center of Queens. The super lives in the building in a one-bedroom apartment on the first floor with his wife and three kids. He is available Monday through Friday from 9-5 (I think) only. He has a life, you know!

At closing we were given a simple document called “Policy,” otherwise known as house rules. It lists a few rules, not many, and is remarkably clear. It states things like how to arrange recyclable material neatly in the compactor rooms, the role of the super who may do private jobs after hours only, noise control, and the like.

There is so much I did not understand upon move-in. There is so much I still do not know. It is a slow learning process. In my humble and obviously meshuga opinion,, people new to New York City or communal (apartment building) living should be required to attend classes.

Topics that need to be covered:

  1. What is the true meaning of building policy. It does not get updated (written 20 years ago) except by word of mouth.
  2. How to really dispose of recyclables. (Policy states elaborate procedures but if policy is followed, expect to be reprimanded, separately, by several board members and the super.)
  3. What is the role of the super, what are his hours, and what is he saying when he mumbles instructions to you under his breath.
  4. How does the intercom work. How to interpret the static-y mumbles on the other end.
  5. How do the double hung windows work, why do they slide down, what are the latches for, and once explained, how come they do not work.
  6. When heat comes up, how is indoor temperature managed so that it remains at a level below 90 degrees.
  7. How to turn off the water (valve) to the toilet (not a tank toilet, not a visible valve) until the plumber (or super) comes to your aid. Do you remember when a “running” toilet meant that the flap needed replacement because there was a constant barely perceivable trickle of water into the bowl? Here a running toilet means violently gushing water in the toilet that is on the verge of a flash flood, and this event is more frequent than imaginable.
  8. How do the various card-operated washer and dryer machines in the laundry room work.

Last night, around midnight, we heard the sound of rushing water. It appeared to be coming from our bathroom but everything there was working normally (for a change). The sound did not subside, and sound is amplified in the still of the night. The not-knowing amplifies the heartbeat too! Miraculously we slept through the night. In the morning, the sound was still there – rushing water; loud, plentiful, rushing water.

So we called the super. He was at our door promptly (within 20 minutes or so). He grumbled, he flushed, he mumbled, he flushed again. He mumbled some more and left, the sounds of the rapids still present. Note: Add the super’s mumblings to the list of things that need to be taught.

There are additional topics that need to be covered, to be sure, but I have not uncovered them yet. I will keep you posted.

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Hotter Than…

Wabbitat ICON 2016-small It is October 22, late morning, and we are enjoying brunch. We are seated at the kitchen table, an open window right there. It is 50 degrees outside but the apartment is warm and the cool air coming through the open window feels good.

Several windows have remained open for days. It was in the mid 80s just a few days ago and so we opened living room, bedroom, and kitchen windows wide. Although the outdoor temperatures have since cooled down, the apartment remained warm and we kept the windows open, even overnight.

While enjoying french toast this morning, we heard clanking and rattling noises. We became aware that the noises were coming from the radiators. Sure enough, heat was coming up.

Those radiators give off a lot of heat! They cycled on and off for the rest of the the day.Even with windows open, it is hot in here! I am wearing summer clothes. I even put the fan on this afternoon. In fact, we talked about running the air conditioners!

Climate change? Indoor climate change. This is not what I expected.It does not look like I will need to update my winter wardrobe this year, at least not for indoor use.


Wabbitat ICON 2016-small I am back on facebook. Granted, my hiatus was brief, but necessary. When the barrage of obsessive, constant, negative political talk caused my blood to boil, and even generated nightmares (see blog post “Jonestown Revisited“), I had to sit back and reflect. Some “friends” have told me to just “hide” their posts because they were not going to stop posting all day long every day. Some said to just “scroll on by.” Well, I want to use facebook my way, not their way.

The truth is I missed my real friends, and of course I missed my family. I even missed NBC New York and CNN who make sure I know what is going on locally and in the world. So I am back, back with a few less facebook friends. That’s right. I unfriended the jerks who think they can take over my facebook page with their insensitivities.

And the plumber was here and fixed the toilet, and we will be at Bangkok Cuisine for dinner tonight.

Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes. My wish has already come true. Best birthday ever!


Hold It

Wabbitat ICON 2016-small Yesterday, Wednesday, was our day to sit in the Social Security Administration office all day long! When we arrived home later in the day, there was a notice taped to the door inside the building’s entry vestibule. Notices like that are always good news, right?

The notice was put there by The City. It explained that our water would be turned off “tomorrow” (Thursday) for approximately eight hours, beginning at 8 a.m. Sure, they gave a reason: construction. Construction of what? It does not say, but the street is all dug up, machinery is making a racket, and my best guess is that sewer pipes are being replaced. Just a guess.

So we got up bright and early this morning to prepare for a day without water. We groomed, we filled pitchers and buckets and pots with water, and got as ready as we could to face the day. The young folks all went off to work or to school and are unfazed by all of this. It is we retired folks who sat home with no toilet to flush, no way to wash our hands or things. Dirty dishes piled up quickly and the urge to pee became my only thought.

We made it though the first hour. A quick test of the kitchen sink showed that water still flowed. Fantastic! An opportunity to empty my bladder, and so I did. The flush lever was then depressed and voilà, the toilet flushed! And it flushed and flushed and flushed. Water gushed in and out of that toilet at a fast and steady pace. It would not stop. For a building without water, we had a fast flowing river right smack in the center of our apartment.

I called the Super. He was at the post office but would head straight over from there. I do not know if it was coincidence or the current water situation that caused the problem. I will never know, but the Super returned us to “normalcy.”

So now I wait for 4 o’clock when the water to the building “should” be restored to normal operation. In the meantime, I will drink nothing. And I will keep my legs tightly crossed.