The Exorcism

Wabbitat ICON 2016-smallThere are times (thankfully not many) that I get up during the night to use the bathroom. I really hate when that happens! In the past few months, I have noticed a puddle on the bathroom floor during some of those times. I examined. I pondered.

Could it be one of the cats? There was no color, no odor – and we all know how foul-smelling cat urine is! Did a person (we won’t name names) miss? Again, no color, no odor, and no logic! Was it coming from the toilet? A leak? An overflow? These are old, old pipes. Could the apartment above be causing a problem?

Sometimes we woke up in the morning to find a puddle. There was no water – not even one drop – on the floor when we went to bed the night before and we both slept soundly. There were no water marks on the ceiling.  The puddle didn’t appear every day. When it did appear, it was usually there in the morning upon awakening – but not always. Most days there was no sign of a problem at all. ‘Twas a puzzlement!

After weeks of living with the mystery leak, we called the super. He surmised the leak was coming from the bathroom sink, not the toilet, but he could not find the source. “Call me when you see something,” he said. At 4 a.m.?

More time passed, and the super stopped by just to check on the situation. We had a collection of water in a beaker now beneath the sink, but still no wet pipes, no visible drips. So the super called his plumber friend.

The plumber ran the water full force, the hot, the cold, and both. He filled the sink to challenge the overflow holes He splashed. Finally, he scratched his head. “You need a priest,” he finally declared. “Your pipes need an exorcism.” And he left.

The super stopped by again a few days ago. This time he observed a small leak from a pipe under the sink. He suggested we replace two pipes. It will cost us $14 for each pipe and $30 for his labor.  Can’t beat the price!

He arrived this morning, new pipes in hand. In a matter of minutes the pipes were replaced. “Twenty-five dollars,” he said. Nothing makes sense.


One response to “The Exorcism

  1. Great story! And Folks say New Yorkers always will rip you off! Wrong! Dr. K. Asked me today while Suzanne was cleaning my teeth how you were doing. I told him you loved your condo and had quite a family there. He Kinda Laughed and Said Maybe you would be coming back! I do think ab >

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